Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Front Camera


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Are you facing issues while taking selfies with your Samsung Galaxy S9+ (G965U)? Now that’s a serious problem no doubt. If your focus is perfect and you are still facing the problem then there is something wrong with the front camera. Did your phone suffer an accident with face down recently? It could be that the front camera is severely damaged from the accident and hence is unable to function properly. So, what will you do here? Would you get a new phone just because the front camera is not working? Now, that would be completely unnecessary as you can fix the problem easily here with a suitable replacement part. Our replacement Samsung Galaxy S9+ (G965U) Front-Facing Camera will be handy for you here. Compatible With: Samsung Galaxy S9+ Features: Brand New Camera Replacement for the S9+ Fix Black Spots or Discoloration From the Camera Fix Blurry Images Coming From the Camera Fix a Cracked/Damaged Camera