Hot air soldering rework station with digital display BST-702D


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  • Model Number: 702D
  • Temp.Control:: 100℃-500℃
  • Output Power for hot gun: 650W±10% 
  • Heating wire for hot gun: High-power heating wire
  • Heater of soldering iron: Four core ceramic heater
  • Packing size:56.5cm*34cm*60.5CM
  • The number of packing: 6 units
  • A carton weight: 26.6KG


1. 702 hot air soldering station adopt sensor close loop,microcomputer control the temperature,LED display.
2. high-power,rapid heating,accurate and stable temperature.
3. The airflow is adjustable,the wind is heavy but soft.and the hot air gun is made of heat-resisting material.
4. When the power is off, the cool system will work automatically.
5. The solder iron heat rapidly,the temperature can be ajustable,the hand is very light and handy

1. Three different size nozzle, which can be used for different size of BGA,SMD,PCB.
2. This item has widely usage,can be used for electronic factory,repairing ect.